The Factory

A Co-working Space for Entrepreneurs

The Factory is a “mixed use” co-working location at 600 William St. in Cobourg that includes a shared working environment, with several flexible work locations/ spaces from which entrepreneurs can work. The Factory targets work-at-home professionals, independent contractors and people that may work in relative isolation. Members will work independently and use spaces as available to achieve their goals and engagement between members is strongly emphasized.

The Factory is an initiative of the County of Northumberland, Economic Development Department managed and coordinated by the Business & Entrepreneurship Centre and supported by several community partners.

• The Factory provides innovative, collaborative and community driven work spaces that move beyond traditional work environments.
• A physical space to meet the needs and demands of “work from home” entrepreneurs in Northumberland County.
• An opportunity to escape the distractions of working from home, offering a fully functioning and resourceful space.
• To give small businesses and startups looking to transition out of their isolated work environments into a creative work space that will increase working productivity.
• Provides rural entrepreneurs with reliable high speed internet.
• Providing opportunities for business growth, expansion, and involvement in business community.
• The co-working space will provide an opportunity for daily business-to-business engagement, professional support, and planning space.
• Client membership brings sense of belonging, community, and networking with like minded people.   

Membership Packages:


1 Year: $59.99 + HST ($67.79)
2 Year: $109.98 + HST ($124.28)

Application packages available at the Business & Entrepreneurship Centre  

the factory co-working spacethe factory co-working space