Business help in Northumberland County 

If you are thinking about opening a business or growing a business the Business & Entrepreneurship Centre Northumberland can help you: 

• Increase your chances of business survival  • Save money through planning  • Become a smarter entrepreneur 
• Apply for business grant • Save time by accessing coaches with 500+ years of knowledge and experience
• Build a more successful business!

Starting a Business in Northumberland
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The Business & Entrepreneurship Centre Northumberland provides business help for small businesses at every stage with free consultations, access to information, resources, business grants and volunteer professionals to help you. If you’re thinking about opening a business, improving a business, or looking for business help in Northumberland, talk to us first!

The Faster Forward Business Success Program is a program focused on enabling small businesses to “scale up” to a greater level of success. Your company can receive business help and expertise from coaches who have decades of knowledge in your business category. The Faster Forward Program provides business help in Northumberland County for businesses that are engaged in retail, service, hospitality and small manufacturing etc. We’re here with help for small businesses.

With the help from the BECN we were able to complete a detailed guide and a vision. We can now look at the future and set some goals for our business. With the seminars we have learned about marketing techniques to help with social media posts and views. This program really helps you look into your business, the whole package and help you work on your weakness to become a better owner/operator.  All of their seminars have tons of great content and speakers to help motivate you, to help get on track to move your business to the next level.  The BECN has been helpful in planning and guiding us to further our knowledge and development in our operations of our small, but growing business. I highly recommend this program to anyone looking to start or grow their existing business.

Scott Carreira and Bud Tinney, CrossFit Cobourg

“The BECN conference was a great event for Northumberland business owners.  The seminars offered useful information that I will adapt to my busines and was a great networking opportunity.  I am thankful to have the opportunity to attend such an elaborate event offered right here in Northumberland.”

Andrew McBurney, McBurney Marketing

“The Business & Entrepreneurship Centre helped me tremendously with my planning. I approached them about a year before I was set to launch my business – the advisors invited me to many business seminars that were really instrumental in helping me plan for a successful business. I came to the table without a formal business background, and the support I received, especially financial planning and marketing were priceless in helping me plan my business.  The BECN also helped me with their one-on-one business coaching. The mentors that the BECN provided kept me accountable to someone other than myself, which I think is a big hurdle that people don’t think about before they start a business. The coaches acted as a sounding board for my new ideas, and also guided me towards the right people and initiatives for my firm.”

“Without the BECN, I would most likely not be where I am today! My advisors were tremendous help and a big confidence boost throughout the start-up of my business. My ultimate goal was to be successful while accomplishing my goals as a full-time Mom. I have succeeded with lots of help and support from caring advisors!”

Vanessa Stevenson, VHS Bookkeeping

“In 2016, we realized starting a business was complex and out of our realm of experience. We contacted the BECN and enrolled in the Faster Forward Business Success Program which paired us with coaches experienced in the areas where our business needed assistance.  It was a pleasure working with such knowledgeable and extremely motivating people, receiving guidance, mentorship and information which helped set our business in the right direction.”

Chris and Sarah Pelletier, Number E Tea

“The meetings with my advisors have been an incredible and eye-opening experience.  It has been both positive and a little overwhelming to realize my business has grown so much in such a short period of time that I needed to consider incorporating, adding employees and a payroll system.  It was really beneficial for me to see it from an outside point of view and to receive helpful guidance on next steps.”

Jennifer James, Rustic Mama Retreats

“The Business & Entrepreneurship Centre Northumberland helped me to grow my business.   I received help perfecting my business plan and forecasting my financials for the next year which helped me to understand what the business expansion model could offer for me and my staff in the coming years.  I have gained momentum in my marketing, planning, and gave me confidence throughout the process of taking over and expanding/rebranding an existing business.  I am very happy that I decided to make an appointment and would recommend anyone else looking for business advising to do the same.”

Amanda Harper, House of Attitudes

“Even though I had been an entrepreneur for over five years, the Faster Forward Program was instrumental in getting my construction business off the ground. From the staff, and the curriculum they put forward, the entire process was geared towards watching my fledgling enterprise take flight, and ultimately turn into a successful full time career. I would highly recommend the program to anyone thinking about taking the next big step in launching their ideas and following their dreams.”

“I wanted to congratulate the BECN team on a great job putting the Business & Entrepreneurship Conference together and running it.  I know how much work goes into an event and you did it with grace.”

Jeff McKague, Event Matrix

“I had the privilege of working with the BECN over the summer to help me get started on my new cinematography business venture and over the time-span of working with her and the BECN team, I’ve received nothing but overwhelming support, devotion, and passion all while offering invaluable seminars and workshops. I’m now running my business full-time thanks to BECN and I’m seeing no signs of stopping!”